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"Content is King".  Whether you're a large corporation, a publication, a small business, or personal brand, quality, descriptive, original content is the key to edge your brand out in front of the competition.  I am the writer who can provide that for you. 

I am an experienced journalist, writer and editor (newspaper, magazine, news radio, SEO, social media content, books, legal contracts, personal blog-style), with additional experience in politics  (local and national legislative) and the entertainment industry (movie studio + television). 

I am a UC Berkeley alum with a degree in women's studies and journalism, and the founder and editor-in-chief of The Cherie Bomb, an online magazine focusing on original stories that highlight unique and progressive insights on culture, society and politics, while featuring cutting-edge science, music, fashion, style and decor.

C Clear Custom Website

Provided all written content for website. Excerpt: The luxe mansions and vacation homes of the world’s top stars and business moguls feature door and window designs that are not just opulent, but are complicated architectural puzzles that can result in a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge work of art. C Clear is proud to be part of the visionary teams that have fulfilled the architectural dreams for the homes of LeBron James, Wolfgang Puck and the owner of Peter Piper Pizza, to name a few. Fulfilling the discriminating tastes and grand, ambitious design visions of each client is the key to reputable success in the Design-Bid-Build field, and successful projects are the result of creating a solid team of experts. C Clear Custom Installation welcomes opportunities to assist your team in bringing your architectural goals to fruition.

Corporate Bio (Realtor)

Joanna Segoviano is a Realtor with the Midas touch—everything she touches turns to gold, with a $2.1 million dollar listing in her pocket, and a newly opened 2nd business—Viano Elite Decor Home Staging Company—this young millennial businesswoman made a splash since hitting the real estate scene a year and half ago, opening 6 escrows in 90 days against the industry standard of 5 per year, and dressing 8 homes in 8 weeks, leaving veterans in her field impressed and wide-eyed.
the cherie bomb

A French Style Revolution in The City of Bell Led by a Modern-Day Joan of Arc

From corruption arises justice. From justice arises revolution. From revolution arises democracy. This is the backdrop from which an unknown local resident rose up to meet the overt and shameless corruption in a small town southeast of Los Angeles. In September 2010, eight City of Bell council members were arrested and charged with corruption, accused of embezzling $5.6 million, rigging elections, voter fraud, violation of civil rights and stealing millions more through secreted funds — all the while the unabashed city officials jokingly wrote emails and planned their crimes with wild abandon, putting Nixon’s crimes and misdemeanors to shame — as even the President of the United States had the clairvoyance to hide his tapes. This narrative has been replayed throughout the ages, but what makes this story different is that the most qualified person — a young woman — who helped lead the uprising just happened to be living in the area at the time of the crises. As Woody Allen wrote for his character “Chris Wilton” in the film “Match Point”, “ … I’d rather be lucky than good… .” Not that Ana Maria Quintana isn’t good, but more importantly, the City of Bell is lucky.
the cherie bomb

An Open Letter to Kanye West: Dissecting Your Grammy Rage

Dear Kanye, I think the general public doesn’t understand your anger — and they’re confused — and with that fact that you apologized to Beck last week, I think you are now confused, too. There is something wrong with the Grammys. You feel it. You see it. You’ve professed this feeling loudly, so many times, in so many ways. Like Morpheus once told Neo, “You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about? AND, ISN’T IT IRONIC, DON’T YOU THINK?
Rolling Stone

See Graham Nash's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Treasures

(Copy Editor for this article) Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum has launched "Touching the Flame," an exhibition of more than 140 objects chronicling the life in music and art of rock legend Graham Nash, from his fledgling years in skiffle bands in the north of England, through his breakthrough with the Hollies and his decades-long journey with Crosby, Stills, Nash and (sometimes) Young. Drawn from Nash's personal collection, and including items from the museum's archive and loans from friends, the exhibition
Rolling Stone

The 'Rumours' Are True: Bruce Cockburn on His New Memoir

(Copy Editor for this article) When many artists visit New York, they stay at downtown hotels like the Mondrian or the Bowery. Bruce Cockburn stays nearby at the Soho Holiday Inn. In town to launch his new memoir, Rumours of Glory, with a concert and book signing, the iconoclastic singer-songwriter arrives in the lobby wearing a modest outfit of black pants, black combat boots and a long black coat. "This is not your standard rock & roll memoir," Cockburn writes in the book's preface. "You won't find me snorting coke with th
the cherie bomb

Through the Wormhole: The Mind of the Joker

“Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman” is the most exciting, intellectually stimulating and important television shows on the air. And in light of one of the worst gun massacres in United States history — in Aurora, Colorado — the recent episode “CAN WE ELIMINATE EVIL?” shed light on what “evil” really is, helping us to understand whether it’s inborn or learned, or possibly a combination of both.
the cherie bomb

Catholic "Saint" Junipero Serra Changed the DNA of California Mission Native Americans...but not for the better.

In her genetics study, Dr. Rachel Yehuda, a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience, and the director of the Traumatic Stress Studies Division at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, found that trauma exposure changes the way genes express themselves. She says that Holocaust survivors’ trauma has been genetically transmitted to their children and grandchildren, and that Holocaust survivors have different stress hormone profiles than their peers, predisposing them to an array of anxiety and stress disorders, which endure in individuals across generations. From a psychological perspective, psychiatrist Donna Schindler told CNN she has worked with American Indians most of her 31-year practice. She described the record of atrocity and abuse, retold by Indian families today, as “historical trauma” or “intergenerational trauma.” “It is the most painful things imaginable to hear these stories,” said Schindler, who also works with Lopez’ tribe. “The descendants have been suffering the soul wound for 200 years.”
the cherie bomb

The Changing of the Guard: Women taking a page out of Playboy's playbook

Last week The Economist published (along with the rest of the world) an article about Playboy magazine’s decision to end nude photos in their publication, instead choosing to focus on their critically acclaimed long-form journalism, fiction pieces and other quality content, including iconic interviews with luminaries — the magazine has interviewed Martin Luther King, Jr., Miles Davis, President Jimmy Carter, Malcolm X, Bette Davis, Stanley Kurbrick, Ayn Rand and Steve Jobs, to name of few. The
the cherie bomb

Meeting Russell Westbrook: A Lesson On The Survival Of The Human Race

(co-writer/editor) If basic survival instincts are important to us, as a collective whole, and making it out alive in the next 1,000 years is something we hold dear, then we better look to the left and to the right, to the other human beings next to us, and realize we are each other’s best bet for survival, for finding a cure, for reaching a balance, for reaching happiness and fulfillment in our lives, for having enough time to fully evolve, for saving Life, for reaching our potential, for making a mark, for the salvation of the most intelligent Life form on planet Earth.
the cherie bomb

A Real-Life Hero: Remembering My Uncle On Veteran’s Day

Above, Manuel Diaz formally receives his Bronze Star for exemplary Army ground combat at his belated presentation ceremony in Los Alamitos, California, in 2009 — 60 years after it was handed to him by his commander in 1948 in a plain black box with a simple statement of, “This is or you. You deserve this.” The stories of my uncle’s ground combat missions can also be found in a book titled “Among the Valiant”, a book about the contribution of Mexican-Americans in World War II and the Korean War, with an introduction from then-Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. So, Trump, every night when you lay your frizzled, dyed orange hair on your pillow at night, think of these Mexican-American men and women who fought and died to give you the freedom and privilege to do what you do every day.
the cherie bomb

Happy 70th Birthday, Dolly Parton!

Happy 70th Birthday, Dolly Parton! Girls with Dimples are Destined to Rule the World! When you’re Dolly Parton, you inspire girls and women all over the world to follow their big dreams and never give up. “The key to my success has always been that my desire to succeed has always been greater than my fear. I’ve been scared to death about a lot of things, but then I think, ‘Okay, you gotta buckle up, girl. You’ve got yourself here, so get out there and just do it.’
the cherie bomb

For your listening pleasure: Two dreamy tracks by Say Lou Lou

Ease and breeze into Monday with the new queens of dream pop, Elektra and Miranda Kilbey. This year, the fashionable 21-year-old Australian/Swedish twins have been getting attention and accolades from their heavy yet sweet-voiced dreamy sad songs that say so much. Many a performer has lamented over the exhausting trials of touring, but these twins have a leg up, as they spent their youth logging frequent flier miles and serious jet lag from 24-hour flights between their father’s home in Austral
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